Our company had truly honored by natural mountain mineral water, which is famous for its original taste qualities and prophylactic properties. It has be affirmed that our water is one of the five best medicinal waters in Russia.

We do not argue with nature but we keep all the best in it to serve the highest quality water for you!

The unique water contains essential for human vital mineral substances: cations – potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium; anions – carbonates, sulfates, chlorides and many other microelements. The ratio of these substances had organically balanced by nature itself. This water does not only quench thirst but also heals body, normalizing its metabolism.

Our factory is a modern high-tech enterprise with full automation of all processes and related operations allowing to produce products of the highest quality.

Effective operation of the quality control systems that meet the requirements of the international standards is the key to the production of only natural and quality products. You can buy pure natural water in plastic bottles of 0.5 l., 1.5l., 5l.

Container 40′ 39600 PCS
Unit Price : 0.18 USD

The manufacturing range of products is constantly expanding and developing. We regularly improve the system of interaction with our partners and trade networks. We are always open for new cooperation!

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