Cow and chicken feed

Mixed fodder for cattle is a balanced product of vitamins, microelements, protein and biologically active substances, a product necessary for the health of animals and improving the efficiency of livestock. The use of concentrated mixed fodders, fully ready for use without the need for additional processing, combined with coarse and juicy forages, makes it possible to significantly facilitate the growing process, reduce the labor intensity of operations and increase the profitability of farms.

Mixed fodder is a complex homogeneous mixture of components that have been pre-cleaned, grinded and prepared according to a scientifically-based prescription designed for the most effective assimilation of nutrients by animals.


Improved immunity of animals, increased resistance to various diseases.
Improvement of reproductive function.
Increase in milk yield.
Growth of fat content and protein content in milk.
Saving feed.
Rational use of waste from various industries.
The ability to feed animals products containing useful substances that can not be used separately.
The possibility of creating the optimal form for feeding.


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