Between the two seas, the Black and the Mediterranean, is the state of the Turkish Republic, which is well known to all as Turkey. With the Russian Federation, for many decades now, it has been united by strong, mutually beneficial trade relations. For us, Turkish fruits and vegetables, unsurpassed oriental sweets, clothing and materials for its production are of value. While Turkey is interested in the minerals of our country, the products of the metallurgical and food industries, paper, automobile tires and much more. Considering the intensity of trade, its volumes and friendly relations between the countries, it is important to ensure that the supply of goods to Turkey is in accordance with the agreement with local partners, without undermining the authority of the Russian Federation as a reliable supplier.

However, the transportation of goods to Turkey involves some difficulties. They are due to the fact that our state does not have a land border with the Turkish, being connected to it by sea. For this reason, delivery by road or rail, although possible, but in terms of cost and speed is absolutely unprofitable, since it will be necessary to cross the borders of several states, not to mention thousands of extra kilometers. That is why for today, the most popular ways of delivering goods to Turkey have been and still are sea vessels, the transportation of which is in the competence of our company.

For more than five years, our company has successfully transported goods to Turkey, regardless of their nature, purpose, weight and dimensions. Favorable contracts with ship owners allow our specialists to carry out freight or rent, both the whole transport and the space on it, as quickly as the client will need it.

We will not only find transportation to transport your goods to Turkey, but we will also provide a full range of related services, if necessary. In our competence there is a registration of documents, the solution of legal issues with customs, loading, unloading, tracking and much more.

Becoming a customer of our company, you will cease to worry about the safety of the cargo, and your Turkish partners will be assured of its timely receipt. We are doing everything we can to ensure that Turkish-Russian economic relations are strengthened and mutually beneficial.

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