Iran today is one of the major importers and exporters of various products. After the lifting of sanctions from Iran, the European Union and other countries, including Russia, significantly increased trade with the Islamic State. A lot of Russian and foreign companies began to send cargo to Iran and Iran. Also, Iran is the most important transit corridor between Central Asia Transcaucasia and the Persian Gulf. Transit through Iran allows you to go to “great water” to send cargo around the world.

The company “Trade Logistics” carries out regular transportation from Iran of various cargoes. In Iran, we forward certain large consignments of cargo, by road, and by sea from the ports of Astrakhan. Our company has experience in transporting goods from Russia and neighboring CIS countries via Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan by road and rail to the port of Bender Abbas. We can quickly solve complex problems, organizing the delivery of goods quickly, reliably and at minimum rates. Registration of all necessary documentation is carried out by experienced specialists of our company.

“Trade Logistic” will take into account all your wishes for the delivery of cargo to Iran, will recommend which mode of transport is more profitable and quickly deliver cargo. In cooperation with Iranian transport companies, we were able to significantly accelerate and reduce the cost of transportation.





Engine Oil


Marble, granite

Fruits, Vegetables, Berries

Dried fruits