Quite a large number of domestic companies successfully cooperate with a number of companies from near and far abroad, including the Republic of Turkmenistan. It is here that a lot of different cargoes are sent every year, which testifies to the close economic ties of our countries. Together with the company “Trade Logistics” transportation to Turkmenistan will be an easy and simple affair. Our company regularly sends various cargoes to the republic, ensuring the safety of the cargo and quick delivery to the destination.


International cargo transportation, for example, sending cargo to Turkmenistan, requires special qualification of the forwarding company’s employees. Our company is a team of professionals who thoroughly know all the details of the passage of customs control, as well as the transportation of cargo through the territory of other states. That is why our specialists will prepare all the necessary documents and organize a quick and trouble-free delivery of cargo to Turkmenistan. If you need to deliver the goods to Turkmenistan or need transit through this country, please contact us and our specialists will answer all your questions. “Trade Logistics” will take into account all your wishes for the delivery of cargo to Turkmenistan, will recommend which mode of transport is more profitable and quickly deliver cargo. Our company can organize road transport, railway transportation or sea transportation through the port of Turkmenbashi.

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