International cargo transportation for the company “Trade Logistics” is the main activity, and we regularly send a variety of goods to a number of countries. One of the popular destinations for delivery of goods is Tajikistan, with the companies of which many of our firms and organizations successfully cooperate. We can arrange the delivery of goods to this country as quickly as possible, while ensuring the safety of the cargo being transported, as well as the economically justified cost of delivery, so our customers and we ourselves are the winners.


The company cooperates with both large companies and small firms that need to deliver a small load. In the first case, we allocate a separate transport, and in the second, a consolidated cargo is formed. Regardless, cargo transportation to Tajikistan and other countries is carried out quickly. When transporting goods to or from Tajikistan, it is necessary to take into account logistics routes through transit countries. Our company will take into account all your wishes for the delivery of cargo to Tajikistan, will recommend which mode of transport is more profitable and quickly deliver the goods.

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