Our country successfully cooperates with many countries of Central Asia, including the Kyrgyz Republic. Between Russia and Kyrgyzstan, trade is constantly increasing, so the issue of timely delivery of goods to and from the republic becomes particularly acute. The company “Trade Logistics” provides cargo transportation to Kyrgyzstan on the most favorable terms for clients, that’s why many companies cooperate with us. We are engaged in freight forwarding to the republic on a regular basis on the established schemes and proven routes, thus ensuring the safety of the goods transported.


Our company boasts highly qualified personnel who can quickly organize the transportation of goods, prepare all the necessary documents for this and select the most optimal delivery scheme for each particular consignment. The delivery of cargo to Kyrgyzstan and its further transportation through the territory of the republic is not an easy task, considering the mountainous terrain features. However, we transport goods exclusively on reliable, tested cars under the guidance of experienced, high-class drivers, so the goods are delivered on time in good and safe condition. “Trade Logistic” will take into account all your wishes for the delivery of cargo to Kyrgyzstan, will recommend which mode of transport is more profitable and quickly deliver cargo.

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