The company “Trade Logistic” – regularly transports cargo to Azerbaijan and in the opposite direction. Our company with an impeccable reputation and rich experience in the freight market. We can arrange the delivery of goods quickly and accurately on the scheduled date. To transport any cargo to Azerbaijan our specialists develop the most optimal delivery route in order to arrange the delivery of cargo quickly, carefully and at the lowest price for the customer. At present, the main flow of goods from Azerbaijan is transported by road. We can reliably and efficiently organize transportation in refrigerators and wagons, as well as by rail.

Our specialists in Moscow and Baku carry out control over the delivery of the cargo, from the moment of loading, and ending with the delivery of the cargo to the recipient. In addition, our customers can find out at any time where their cargo is at this time and how transportation is progressing. Our specialists will also issue all the necessary documents so that the goods to Azerbaijan can be delivered quickly and without delay at the customs. Our managers will tell you all the details of cargo transportation and all the nuances associated with its delivery, so you do not have to worry about the safety of the cargo and its timely delivery. We successfully cooperate with large companies that carry large volumes of cargo, including oversized cargo. “Trade Logistics” will take into account all your wishes for the delivery of cargo to Azerbaijan, will recommend which mode of transport is more profitable and quickly deliver cargo.

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