India – the largest state in South Asia, whose history is estimated for millennia. From ancient times to the present day, it has been actively trading with many countries of our world. India is among the states that can offer their partners a truly unique goods. For example, amazing spices that do not grow in any other country in the world; Green tea, which has excellent taste qualities and much more.

However, like any state, India also needs export and import. And one of the main exporters and importers is the Russian Federation. For many years our country has been closely cooperating with India in the sphere of trade. Technical support, fertilizers, metals and much more are in demand by Indian partners. A lot of companies of this state work with goods that are supplied from Russia. Therefore, it is very important that these deliveries are accurate, without failures, according to approved schedules. Otherwise, simple Indian enterprises may arise, which will negatively affect the Russian Federation, which at the moment has a reputation as a reliable exporter.

If you are facing the task of establishing economic contacts with the Indian side, our company will be glad to offer you its transport services. We carry goods of any nature to India, guaranteeing our customers the observance of terms, and also the safety of the cargo entrusted to us.

Our company organizes for you the delivery of cargo, by sea or by air. Our team cares not only about the timely delivery, but also about the financial benefits of the company’s customers. That is why, considering such factors as the urgency of delivery, as well as the final destination, our specialists calculate the route that would be optimal from the economic point of view.

Loading and unloading of goods, execution of documents for cargo, customs clearance, cargo escort, security and integrity – these and other issues concerning transportation to India are in our competence.

Contact our specialist, tell us the nature of the cargo and the destination – everything else our team will do for you.

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