We undertake all actions for delivery
and customs registration

We provide a full complex of transport and logistic operations

Quick calculation of terms and cost of delivery


We complete combined freights in own warehouses


We take goods from the supplier and insure it


Preparation of customs declarations

We care about the time and comfort of our customers

Freights for weeks hang on customs, the goods come damaged or strongly polluted, the manager of the supplier includes the ignore list … Forget about these problems!

For years of work we organized the well-managed scheme of deliveries of non-foods to Russia.We guarantee that freight will not be lost between borders of the states and will reach to the client in marketable condition.

90% of customers become permanent and work with us on favorable terms.

We work with all volume shipments — from small packages to the whole cars

We accept orders for the delivery of consolidated and solid cargoes. Combined parties are formed in own consolidation warehouse «Global trade d ış by ve ticaret» in Istanbul. The party is formed within 5-7 days.

We have many clients in Bursa and Denizli - the centers of the Turkish textile industry.
First-class silk and polyester are made in Bursa, and cotton fabrics are made in Denizli.
If you are looking for reliable suppliers of textiles in Turkey, we will help you make the right choice.